Tax Free Weekend In Texas Starts Now

Tax free weekend in Texas starts now. All back-to-school related merchandise less than $100.00 are tax free including these major items: uniforms, school supplies, backpacks, and shoes. There are many of them listed in the circular but I cannot think what the others are. This is the best time to save on school essentials.

The store will close late until Sunday for this event. In addition, we will be expecting visitors today. Two officers from the Corporate Office will come to the store for a visit. I know we are going to be very busy at the store. We will do our best to give a great customer service to everyone. I just hope they will behave today 🙂

You might check if your state offers tax free weekend right now.

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Sports Committee Leader

It really feels great to hear from old friends. Reading e-mails from them means so much to me. A friend from high school sent me an email telling me some updates on her life. She is doing pretty good. It was a long email but enjoyed reading it because she included a “memory lane” part in there. We were not that close during high school days but I knew how active she was.

I remembered her being a committee leader in a sports event at school. Her group, where I was a member too, was in-charge with the awards and tokens which include basketball, volleyball, and baseball trophies. Of course the budget was not that much so she was obliged to shop for the reasonable ones. We went to the city and looked in the corporate awards store. The search was easy because we found the stuff we needed. The store sells not only trophies but corporate plaques also.

We had everything set up before the awarding day. My friend did a good job. At a young age, she knew how to take responsibility.

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