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The Recorder With Great Additional Features


Making screencasts of the desktop are necessary for a lot of things. You can need it to make a demo, a bug report or even some educational video tutorial to be presented in the class or even in front of clients. You can say this is a PowerPoint presentation that will have your monitor screen as a subject. Using these screen record applications you can make a lot of things. It can be educational or even some guides to help other people and show them how to use a certain thing on the computer.

Movavi has a desktop recorder popularly known as the Movavi screen recorder. This application lets you record the audio from the speakers as well as the input devices while you record your screen. The help of a voice along with the guide makes it all easier to understand. The application is a very easy one to handle and people can use it without a second thought.

You can download the application from the web and the install it in the computer using the installation file. Once this is done, you can start using the application. All you have to do is set the parameters on the screen. This is done so that you do not end up recording parts of the screen that are unnecessary. You can set the audio device you need to record the sounds from in this step only. Both the output and the input devices can be used.

If you are making an informative video, you can depict the mouse and keyboard actions by both speaking out and showing the mouse cursor. When you are ready to start recording, you can select the REC button and then start working on the computer. Whatever you do for the time on the screen will be recorded in the form of a video.

After you are done recording everything you need, you can select the REC button again to stop the recording or hit the F10 button. You can preview the video you so made from the preview window. If you like it, go save it in the format of your choice as there are many formats available in the recorder itself. So to say, there are more than 180 formats and from there you can choose the one that goes with your device. If you want some changes in the video, go to the edit section and change what you want.

Looking Forward To More Travels This New Year

Happy New Year! Have you been enjoying your holidays so far? Did you come to visit the places you wanted to see before the year ends? Where did you travel? I bet you had a wonderful time.

As for me, my family went on a mini-vacation last year. Not so grand but we sure had a wonderful time together. That was when we went to see a concert in Austin, Texas in November 2013. And while we were there, we too the opportunity to explore the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas which is about 25 minutes drive from Austin. We had so much fun. My darling daughter really enjoyed the new things she saw and experienced.

Of course, wherever we go, I don’t forget to take photos for souvenir. Capturing the happy moments during our travels mean so much to me because I keep them as remembrance that I can look at every time. So I a digital camera is very handy. My mobile phone is great too, but I want a higher resolution on captured images so I use my digi cam.  And guess what?  I received a new camera for Christmas!  Thanks to the dear Santa of my life. 🙂  And then, it comes with a new laptop too.  Ain’t that amazing?  New camera and computer is great to start my year especially in blogging and traveling.

New lappy and cam. :)

May new lappy and cam. 🙂

I am looking forward to more travels this new year.  No matter how big or small getaways I’ll get.  What matters is the memories and happy experiences.  😉


Palm-sized Wireless And Backlit Keyboard

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is no doubt that wireless technology has come a long way.  And it is undeniably developing continuously.  As to tech geeks like I am, we love getting upgrades and enjoying the latest innovations.   Although electronic devices and wireless gadgets are high in prices, still  we accommodate to grab at least one because technology is a part of our daily lives.

What more can we ask for on this new upgraded Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote with keyboard?  It is not only remote control but also it is keyboard that is very high functional.  You can manipulate your personal computer and game system like xbox, PS3, or Wii as far as 30 feet away with this handy remote.  Its backlit keyboard helps you find the keys with no hassle.  No driver is needed to install and is compatible with Windows® 2000 ,XP, Vista® & Windows®.  Because the device is small, you can even put it in your hand carry luggage when you are traveling. 

Lenovo -

I think the Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote is cool.  I would be delighted about the thought of it being a wireless keyboard with backlight.  And it is compatible with Windows XP, which is my Operating System.  There’s fun right there.

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What’s Interesting About 3GP Data Format?

Most of the people in many parts of the world use mobile phones. These have become such a part of everyday life one wonders how we ever managed without them. Aside from their communication advantages, almost all mobile phones now have music and video features which we enjoy. You know what? These music and videos are supported by 3GP. 3GP (Third Generation Presence) is developed as a container format for multimedia files in general and video files in particular. The file extension 3gp is often times referred to as the simplified counterpart of the MP4. That is why we can record videos using our mobile phones. And when transferred to our computers, we will be able to view these videos on whatever platforms we got (e.g. Windows) because 3GP videos are compatible with multimedia player programs. Cool huh? But take note, not all mobile phones provide support for the format in the same way that a multimedia player for PCs.

Some people are having a hard time opening the 3GP videos. Why? Because the computer is so slow and the registry is starting to bog down. So the best thing to do is to scan the computer’s registry to check for errors and conflicts. This will also help repairs and optimizes the registry to max out performance and stability.

‘Just sharing some interesting technology information here guys.

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