Being Overly Sweet Leads To Shame Sometimes

I thought it’s her birthday. Well, I saw in her schedule she wrote “B-Day” on the 18th, Tuesday, and she will be off that day. So what I did was I bought something from Things Remembered, one of the novelty shops in the mall. I forgot to ask and clarify things again so I thought it’s her birthday.

The gift was wrapped Monday and the package pass was on her name. When she worked closing with me, I greeted her. She said, “It is not my birthday. It is L’s birthday, there is not enough space to write her name. I put B-Day so I won’t forget.”

Shame on me. The ‘Need a moment?’ line in a Twix commercial suddenly popped up in my mind. Being overly sweet leads to shame sometimes. Curious about the gift? I brought it home Tuesday. I will just give it to her in November.

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I Love Checking The Mail

While on my way home from work, I never fail to stop by the mailbox and check the mail. I am telling you I love checking the mail even if sometimes we get bills which we termed as ‘bad news’ 🙂 But I noticed our mailbox is getting worn out. My husband looked at it and said he might get a new one but not right now.

Residential Mailboxes are used at homes in neighborhoods everywhere. These mailboxes can be in different styles according to type or home theme. On the other hand, commercial mailboxes can be seen in all apartment complex. You can check online for designs that you might think will match your home style.

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