Catching Up With Former Colleagues

It is so nice to talk with former colleagues. You’ve got to know updates on family and careers. A simple lunch or dinner in a restaurant you used to go to is convenient, while it brings memories of fun working together. Then reminiscing those times when you had summer outings and team building programs. To me, that’s so much fun!

Nice To Hear From A Co-Worker

I am glad to spoke with my co-worker yesterday. It’s been a while since our last telephone conversation. And it’s been months since our last get-together. She is way older than me but we get along well.

My co-worker left work because of health issues too. It is not comfortable for her to be on her feet all day. In our job as customer service personnel and gift wrap, we are always standing and going. It was so nice to hear from her. I hope she will feel better soon.

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Did Not Show Up

K, the new associate in customer service, did not show up a couple of days now. ‘Wonder what happened or how’s she doing. Have not heard from her. No phone call or anything. Did she quit? Maybe. But a little courtesy won’t hurt.

But I do not think she is that kind of person. She seemed nice and easy to get along with at work. It is odd, but I am worried about her. For a few weeks of working together in customer service, I feel close to her.

Missed you K! If you found another job, I wish you the best. If you still want to work at the store, report and talk to our manager.

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