Vacation Part 2: Noche Buena At Sabin Hotel

I did not expect the hotel will host a Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner) free of charge for two guests.  The front desk staff called last night and asked if we would be interested to join the Noche Buena at midnight.  I did not confirm because we just came back from a Christmas Party at my parents’ house and we’re all pooped out!  My husband said that if I will go the Dinner, take my sister with me because he is definitely sound asleep at before midnight.

I fell asleep about an hour.  My sister was already sleeping so I tried waking her up so we can get ourselves ready for Noche Buena.  She did not get up until we heard the fireworks outside.  We got excited.  But when we headed out, we saw only the last part of the fireworks show and it was over.

Anyway, it was really nice for the hotel to host the Christmas Eve Dinner.  They had roasted pig, broccoli beef, teriyaki chicken, macaroni and chicken salad, mixed veggies, pasta, cake, pineapples, and free servings of drinks too.  I was guessing that they are doing this every year.


Though the clouds were trying to block the moon, it was truly a lovely Christmas Eve.

Christmas Budget Is Priority

Every year people spend big amount of money during the Holidays.  Christmas shopping has always been stressful especially if we do not know or do not have any idea what to get as holiday gifts to give to our loved ones and friends.  But if have already listed the gift items to buy before Christmas Day, I do not think Holiday shopping could be stressful anymore.  Of course, money is always in the scene.  We allot much for gifts and food during the Holidays.

My family has been very conscious on our spending.  We do not overspend on stuff we do not need.  As long as everybody gets something they want for Christmas, we are all happy.  And now that we are traveling, our Christmas budget is priority.

Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic



Party Time Again Tonight

After a wonderful Company Christmas Party the other night in Plano, I am heading to another get-together Christmas party in Allen tonight.  The house of one the hosts is about 23 miles from ours, more than 40 minutes drive time.

We have a color motive for the party-green and blue.  Everybody is looking for green clothing to wear.   Some of my friends couldn’t find anything at the stores they visited.  Well, I guess they do but they do not like the style or the clothes don’t fit.  It is a potluck style so everyone will bring a dish for dinner.  Exchanging of gifts is also the highlight of the party.

From the five party invitations I received, this is the  third Christmas party I have gone to this month.  It’s okay.  Get-together parties like these only happen in December.