Not Traveling Far For the Holidays

Who’s excited for Christmas? I am. My household is super excited.  My darling daughter has already created her wishlist. She had a few expensive ones on there but I know she will appreciate what Santa would bring her on Christmas Day.

We are not traveling very far for the Holidays this year.  We are spending Christmas with my in-laws in Tyler. Our travel plans are still on, though.  We are thinking of vacationing next year for our 10th wedding anniversary to the Philippines.  Hopefully on Christmas Break.  As you know, making travel arrangements when you have a student is quite difficult because we need to consider the number of days the school is off. Normally, the school’s maximum break time is two weeks during the Holidays-which is nice, I think.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Holidays with your loved ones. And be safe in traveling especially in the snow.

Ready For Baby’s Arrival

December. I am entering into my delivery month. My husband and I are getting ready for our baby girl’s arrival. We took the Prepared Childbirth and Newborn Care classes two weeks ago. at the birthing center where I am going to deliver. I pre-registered after the class and hospital tour. The nursery room has already been painted, decorated, and all that. We got lots of help from his family. And baby got a lot of gifts from friends as well.

I haven’t even thought about Christmas shopping yet. My husband mentioned something about it last night. But we can do it later. We still have time.

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Christmas Party Plans

Early November my colleagues and I do the usual plans for the upcoming company Christmas party. Everybody is busy in their assigned committee for a particular activity. What I like is to be in the committee for Christmas party games and prizes because I enjoy shopping for prizes at the mall.

Choosing the Christmas party game is not as hard as we thought. Some stick to the traditional games they are used to like the Guess Who game. I always find this game enjoyable. But there is nothing wrong if would look for new games. We just have to be resourceful. It is always interesting to try new Christmas party ideas. What matters is the fun and joy the Christmas holiday brings to each and everyone. To make the party successful, a steady checking on the planning checklist is very important.

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