Christmas Shopping Week

Oh man!  This week is very busy for us.  My husband is busy doing a project at work.  He does not have a day off until December 24th.  I am also occupied with shopping for gifts.  It is difficult to find gifts especially the people you shopped for have almost everything.  But they love to eat.  So giving them restaurant gift cards are great.

I have an aunt who wants to go to a fitness center because she wants to lose weight doing some exercise.  Everybody loves exercise so the plan is to give her a fitness workout kit for Christmas.  I remember when we used to walk every morning when I was pregnant.  Her son does an Extreme Body Workout and and I do not she can do that.  That’s too tough for her.  I guess he wants to gain a Beach Body to impress the girls.  He’s got some weights from 90 Day Review workout system.  Doing a routine exercise is healthy.  And I admire my cousin because they work hard to stay fit and healthy.

Now I have to add a little more to the shopping list.  A couple of work out towels for my cousin.  Shopping continues until next weekend.

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Valuable Jewelry For Christmas

And so my husband asked me what I would like to receive for Christmas.  He already knows though but he wants my confirmation.  I am so fascinated with accessories like handbags, shoes, and jewelry. My wishlist includes jewelry sets.  I prefer those with real gemstones.  Genuine jewelry is also a good investment because the price of gold is high and some gemstones are rare.

Now that the Holidays are approaching, buying Christmas gifts should be done as soon as possible to avoid the rush.  If you do not want to engage yourself with the crowd in the mall or stores, buying gifts online is always convenient.  And if you think of custom jewelry as a gift to your special someone, jewellers melbourne online store can provide you a variety of styles.

My husband’s sister and her family will go to Illinois for the Holidays and they will be leaving after Thanksgiving.  They will visit her husband’s family to spend Christmas with them.  She liked jewelry too.  In fact, she received chicago certified diamonds stud earrings last year.  I love diamonds too.  When it comes to jewelry, my SIL and I agree.

Another thing about giving jewelry as a gift is that, you are leaving a personal attachment to the person who receives it.  Because they can be worn, you know what I mean?  Oh if someone is getting engaged to be married in your family this Holiday season, do not forget to look and suggest for affordable rings.  Cheap engagement rings canada boutique has reasonable priced rings ladies and gentlemen.

Back To Shopping Again

Oh boy! I got fascinated with shopping again. ‘Been visiting the department stores lately (from my doctor’s appointments). The stores are just a couple of minutes away from the clinic. Besides shopping for baby stuff, I am starting to buy gifts for the holidays. Well, I think I should. There is a limited time for me to prepare for gifts in December because most of my attention will be with my newborn baby girl.

I did not spend too much on shopping gifts but, I want to buy some more later.

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