Wedding Anniversary Trip

It would be one of the most memorable travel experience of my life  if I will be able to tour the USA in two years time.  My husband and I have been talking about trips to three States-Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  This trip we are planning is for our 5th Wedding Anniversary.  A vacation that is surely going to be awesome.

I have been here in the US for three years and did not get the chance to visit other States for a vacation.  The United States is a beautiful country.  I dreamt of one day I will be able to, at least, visit here.  But I received more than I hoped for.  My husband petitioned me to live here.  There are many tourist spots to see such as the Arkansas Diamond Mine Park, St. Louis Gateway Arch in Missouri, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, and Alabaster Caverns State Park in Oklahoma.  These places can also be reached thru road travel.  It is the best travel adventure if you like sightseeing along the road and stop for picture taking.

For visitors from other parts of the world who want to explore the US and need something to take them from place to place, a USA car hire service can be of great help.  Renting a car is a good idea to be able to experience a great adventure while you are on vacation or even on a business trip in the USA.  The affordability of car rentals in the US depends on the route and the duration of stay.  Car rentals can also assist travelers with airport transfers too.  They can pick up passengers from the airport and take them to the specified destination and vice versa.  This is the most acquired service by business travelers.  For tour purposes, you just have to check online or ask the travel agent.  You will get a cheaper rate if you avail a package.

My husband and I want to save on our traveling escapades.  As much as possible, we want to avail cheap flights and car hire services.  Our primary goal is to save money for the upcoming vacation.  He works really hard and he deserves a phenomenal vacation.  And I deserve it too, because I am his wife.  I am kind of getting excited just thinking about these things.  Two years will fly by fast so, as early as now, we are saving extra money for our wedding anniversary getaway.

Car Service For Business Travels In New York

Traveling can be easier if you are able to get around the area of your destination.  If you are in a group travel, it is great to have a vehicle ready to pick you up at the airport and use it to roam and go places.  The  best thing to do is to hire a care rental ahead of time.

When my husband flew to New York for a business travel to his company’s satellite office, a rented mini-van was waiting for him and his colleague at the airport.  Then they use the car to travel around the city and when they were going out to lunch with co-employees.  It was kinda nice and convenient that the company get an NYC car service for their employees.  My husband liked the idea.  Although he never liked New York that much, at least the car service helped.

There are lots of car service in New York but you can get low-priced car service if you just compare prices wisely.  They said New York is a nice place.  And the business areas are many.  Maybe someday we will get the opportunity to have a vacation in New York.  I would love to see the Statue Of Liberty and Niagara Falls (US side).

Great Value with Advantage Car Rentals

I worked in a travel agency before and I can say that passengers and tourist are really satisfied in getting a car rental. It is convenient and easy for navigation purposes. Now that I am here in the USA, I discovered that there is popular car rental company operator. And their headquarters is here in Texas. Cool, isn’t it?

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