Saving Money On Textbooks

I was not really aware about book rentals until someone told me that I can rent one online.  My husband said it is possible and I can rent textbooks too, as many as I want.  What a nice idea.  He is open about the thought that I can go back to school after our vacation to the Philippines this year.  The idea of going back to school came to me one day when I talked to one of my friends in Fort Worth.  She is going to take a short-term course, maybe online.  I am interested to things like that because personal growth is very important to me.

Of course, there will be lots of paperwork and textbooks involved.  I do not want to spend a lot of money on textbooks that will only be used once.  Rather, textbook rentals will be a good idea.  Since I like browsing the Internet search for valuable references, I bumped at immediately.  The company offers textbook rentals service for a reasonable price.  They are not strict on rental policy.
How does it work?:

College students can also rent textbooks from the site.  Affordable rental rates are available with the textbooks related to the field of study.  This is also a very beneficial resource for college students who want to rent school books instead of buying very expensive ones.

Win Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book and Discover The World

If you love traveling, here’s a chance for you to socialize with fellow travelers around the world. is an innovative social networking site for educators who travel the world. Whether exploring your own backyard, or half-way across the globe, share your travel experiences and explorations here. And you know what, you might get the chance to win the Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide Book which is giving away in their weekly book review giveaway if you join today. The book is a pictorial guide to travel around the world features vivid, full-color photographs and informative descriptions of more than two hundred countries around the world. It is totally FREE to register. All you have to do is:

-Go to
-Sign up in the upper right hand corner of the site (it is FREE)
-Go to the “Book Review of the Week: The Travel Book” link
-Leave comments about the book review

Two books will be be given to the two randomly drawn commenters. Sign up now. Share your travel experiences and get the opportunity of having the Lonely Planet’s Travel Guide Book. Everybody is welcome to join.

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Back to My Reading Habit

Reading is my favorite past time before. I read anything that catches my interest. From comic books to newspapers, I appreciate that. When I was in my elementary days I was diligent. I just sit somewhere quiet with my books beside me and started doing my homework. Then I will just spend my extra time hanging out with my friends in late afternoons. When I was in high school, I spend my vacant time in the library. Since we don’t have television, my siblings and I were content answering activity books and reading stories until we are ready to go to sleep.

In my college days, it was different. I stayed with my cousins in Manila and they have almost all the modern stuff at their house. There I began to stuck myself in watching television, playing the play station, or stay up late doing nothing at all. I forgot the do the thing I love to do. I forgot to feed my mind even with single information from the daily paper once in a while. The laziness went on until I got a very stressful job.

I realized how much time I have wasted doing non-sense. But I guess it’s not too late for me. I want to go back to my reading habit and I am glad to say that I am engaged to it now. Reading gives me additional knowledge and so is to everyone. Apparently, it enhances our proficiency and good comprehension.