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Sharing And Celebrating The Blessings

It is Friday.  Gloomy.  The breeze is cool.  ‘Feeling lazy.  My husband took an off day today because he has to do some PC troubleshooting.

What am I doing?  Besides watching my little darling running around keeping busy playing with her toys, I am wandering around in cyberspace.  I did my online tasks and now it is time for blog hopping routine.  There are lots of things going on in the blogosphere.  Contests and giveaways are flooding because The Holidays are approaching – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And here I am joining a contest hosted by, and is supported by the following:

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The prizes are irresistible.  If I win the money prize, I will definitely add it to my travel savings.  So enter the giveaway here and let’s get the chance to win!  Good luck to us!

When You Are Miles Away From Home

When you are miles away from home, you need to monitor what’s going on at home.  You call to check if your children are sleeping on time or if your husband (or boyfriend) is not seeing other girl *smiles*.  Maybe you have to try to phone spy.   I know it is against a one’s privacy, but women have instincts that needed proof.  The phone spy software is compatible with all smartphones.  There are no traces of logs or details to your target phone.  So you are safe.  But, still it is your choice though.  You are accountable of your actions.

Puppies vs. Babies – Who’s Gonna Win?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of my friends asked me if I want to have a pet.  I said no.  The reason why is because, my husband and I are not ready to have a pet in the house.  We are busy with a lot of things – work, baby, home management, and others.  Besides, we have different pet preference anyway.  I like cats.  My husband likes dogs.  So it would be a difficult decision if ever.

I never liked dogs.  It is because I had witnessed my father was bitten by a dog while passing by a neighbor’s house.  That was traumatic!  Puppies are worst biter.  This is why I never liked them.  Some of my friends have dogs and puppies.  Whenever I am visiting, I just sit still and pet them a little.

Then five days ago a friend shared a link of her puppy’s photo on the Internet.  She entered her puppy in Puppies vs. Babies online contest.  She wanted me to vote for her pet.  Well, I did.  The top winning baby or puppy will receive $5,000.  What a price!  But if I would join this contest, I will enter my little girl’s photo because I like My angel.babies. Puppies are cute but babies are more lovable and smarter.  My baby is a happy girl and I love her smiles, giggles, and laughs.

And so let me ask, what would you vote for?  Go to Puppies vs. Babies and vote now.  Please let me know who/what is your pick.  I would, gladly, like to know.


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Across The Internet

You know, every where we go, we come across unique things and events.  Some of them are special, others are not even interesting.   How about you encounter an event where you have to participate?  If you are a traveler, like for example, touring a city where there is a festival going on?  Would you participate in the parade or street dancing?  That would be fun, isn’t it?  See, every place is unique in a way how the people celebrate traditional events.  That is what makes it worth visiting.  The more we study about the destination, the more anxious we get to be there.

We experience the same thing online.  We encounter unique and special subjects.  And most of them are interesting because of the fact that we always search for the right conclusion or answer to our queries.  From simple surfing to social networking, our mind explores and travels around the cyber world.  And we participate in sharing our knowledge and opinion to help other users as they search for answers thru the Internet.