Banner Exchange At BloggerSwap

I just joined BloggerSwap. It is a blogger community where you can exchange banner with other bloggers. The image banner that represents the blog site should have the required size of the 120×120. It is FREE to join. All you have to do is to register you blog, set your username and password, exact url of your site and image banner. BloggerSwap reviews submission and will send notification of approval after 24 hours. The banner exchange will take effect after the approval and applied only within the category your blog belongs. What are the benefits? Traffic and credit earnings.

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Big Hugs and Thanks to Y’all

This is to show appreciation to y’all for helping my weblog increase its traffic rank by visiting regularly and dropping entrecards in the last 30 days. Of course I also joined a lot of blog directories and I am so thankful that I saw bloggers come to my weblog from there. You can check these directories below of this page. I would love to put y’all in this post but it’ll just post the top ten bloggers/entrecard droppers. I hope you understand. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the blogs where I got the most clicks on my entrecard advertisement over the last 60 days.

Top Ten Droppers
Happy Life
From A Yellow House In England
Mixed Bag
Twerlermz’ Blog
Photography and Writing
Mhar’s Display
Counting My Pennies
As The World Turns

Widget shown on:
The Hoysater Directory
Web-Blog Designs
There’s No Place Like Home
Woman On A JouRney
denzRecreational Blog
Blessed Sanctuary

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