Black Friday Crowd In Stores

Oh wow!  As usual, the crowd is packed in line in front of the various retail stores nationwide for the Black Friday shopping.  My friend went to Walmart at 10 P.M. and it was the first time she went shopping for Black Friday.  She couldn’t believe how crowded the store is!

Then my MIL teased me about shopping at 4 A.M. because she saw me reading store ads on the papers.  Oh no!  I told her I will just shop online for the red satchel handbag that I saw a while back.  I was tired from the trip (we had Thanksgiving in Whitehouse) so I just sleep more.  Although I want to try going one morning to the Black Friday shopping, it would be nicer if I will do it next time.

I know stores are offering huge deals on electronics, appliances, clothing, accessories, toys…etc.  I want to upgrade my gadgets.  Ah!  So inviting.  But then again, there is still next time.

$250 Gift Card For The Family

On my first day at work, people were very busy shopping on black friday for holiday gifts for their loved ones and friends. I know those were gifts because I wrapped some of them and gave gift boxes to other customers. ^_^ I was just thinking what else would be a pretty lovely gift for the family besides clothing, jewelry, purses…and others. I thought of something beneficial not only for a single person but to all the members of the family. How about getting a better internet service connection with cable television?

This time of year bunch of discounts and promotions from different businesses are all over the place. And one product and services that I find interesting so far is the great holiday deal offer online on high-speed internet with cable television connection from Charter Communications’ Ultimate Bundle which offers the following services:

High Speed Internet: 10 Mbps High Speed

TV:Digital Home, Charter HD, Sports View, Digital View,
HBO/Cinemax, Starz/Encore, Showtime/The Movie Channel

Phone: Unlimited Calling

And for an order of the Ultimate Bundle or any Charter services sold separately, the customer is entitled to get a free Gift Card and will automatically get a chance to win one of 45 X-Box gaming systems! What a great deal huh? Participating merchants for the Gift Card can be found at Charter Communications website. Visit their website today and select the best service that is suited to the needs of your family. This may be the ideal gift for everyone this holiday season.

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