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Lunch At Lucy’s Grill

The whole family went to visit my brother-in-law and his family.  And to celebrate his birthday in advance, we all had lunch together in Celina (Texas).

Actually, my his wife planned for a surprise birthday for him.  Few of his co-employees, other friends, and family friends had already been informed about the surprise party.  But an unexpected circumstance happened so the party was cancelled.

We all went to a restaurant in downtown Celina.  It’s called Lucy’s Grill.  It is a home-cooking restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Celina.  From my brother-in-law’s house in Prosper, going there is about 20-25 minutes depending on traffic.

Entrance Lucy’s Grill

Memorablia at the entrance

The big Longhorn inside the restaurant. My sister-in-law said that her name is Lucy.

The food was good.  Though we waited for over 30 minutes for our orders to finally served, I say that they serve good mashed potatoes.  We were kinda unimpressed with the waitress attending to us.  She seemed like she did not like to be there.  Her facial expression looked like she did not like our table.  My husband keps on commenting while we were eating.  I told him if he wants to complain about the waitress’ service, better go talk to the manager.  He said he’ll not waste his time.  If he goes, he’ll talk more than that.

After lunch, we head back to my brother-in-law’s house for a visit, photo shoot, and gift opening.  He’s now over-the-hill age so got funny cards.  My daughter had fun playing with cousins and with aunts as well.

Haven’t Been Into Traveling

It is my beloved father’s birthday today.  He is 60 years old.  I was thinking because he reached the big milestone in his life, I would like them (my dad and mom) to come with us to Cebu for a shopping spree.  Cebu has bigger business areas and shopping complex than Leyte.  In addition, my parents haven’t been to traveling together.

I want to treat my parents to a nice lunch or dinner in a 5-star hotel like the Marco Polo Hotel.  When my husband and I were on vacation two years ago, we stayed at the Marco Polo and I can say that the hotel is very very nice.  I like the food and the customer service is satisfactory.  The location is good because the hotel is closer to the ferry terminal.

My husband and I will be very busy during our vacation this year.  But I will do my best to make this plan possible for my parents especially for my Tatay.

Plans For This Weekend

What are your plans on Mother’s Day?  As per our family, we might go on our usual weekend trip to Tyler.  Might.  It is because there is an occasion coming up this weekend and it will also be in Tyler.  My husband’s nephew is going to have a party for his birthday and I do not want my SIL to think that we do not care about her children.  So if my husband’s decision is final, my little princess and us will attend her cousin’s birthday party this weekend.

And on Mother’s Day weekend…gee.  We might just stay at home and have a nice dinner.  But, these are not confirmed yet.  It all depends on my husband’s response his nephew’s birthday party invitation.  And he only has 15 hours to let me know what’s on his mind.

Birthday Lunch With The In-Laws

Happy Birthday to me!  My family and PIL went to Plano for a birthday lunch treat courtesy of my FIL.  We went to Red Lobsbter in I-75.  We ordered their $15 Fiesta Meals per person.  Everybody enjoyed lunch and the dessert as well.

To let our full bellies settle, we went to Hong Kong Market in Legacy.  There we walked around and looked at groceries and wet goods.  The store is bigger than those we have close by (Garland).  I thought we will be able to see a post-Chinese New Year event.  So we headed home and had a nice visit.