Confident With The Security System

We are relieved to know that our online banking had only a ‘system down’ status the other night.  But it’s already been fixed.  When I checked our account, everything’s there.  Whew!  My husband said that nobody can access the bank security system.  We are confident with it.

A source said that the bank was in ‘audit’.  Hmm…I wonder what that means.

System Unavailable?

OMG!  I am overly worried.  Something is wrong somewhere.  I was checking our online banking and here’s what the screen said:  Account Balance: 0.00

I hurriedly woke my husband (sleeping soundly at 11pm this evening) and had him look at the computer screen.  He told me it might be because the system is down.  It would be impossible to just get into the accounts because the bank has high security measures.  I tried clicking on links/menus in the page and here’s what I got:

System Unavailable

The application is unavailable or returned an unrecognized response. Please try again or contact Bank name Member Service at ******.2000.
I just hope their system is down and will be up soon.  And if there is a bug, they should fix it immediately.

What Is The Convenient Money Management For You?

Are you among the people who use debit cards? Do you find them convenient? What is your most trusted debit card company?

Consumers are getting widely aware of the advantage of using debit cards with Visa. Visa debit cards are the convenient card to use in paying shopped items in stores or bills payment. Besides outrageous features such as– free online statements, free activation and free transaction fees–Visa debit cards offer more options to manage and add money to your card for future use. Example of this option is the quick money transfers from a trusted financial service online, which I am using right now. Transactions from the debit card is direct so everything should also be direct. Direct deposit is also easy in this debit card. You just have to inform your employer if you want your paycheck to be deposited directly to your card. That sounds like you carry cash but totally not. You can also pay the bills using the Visa Debit card. And using this Premier debit card gives you more time to manage the financial status of your checking account. Who knows, this will be your new bank? Don’t you think?

So think about what is best for you. Manage your money and spend wisely.

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