Stress And Fatigue Are Not Welcome

It is kinda busy at work today. Lots of merchandise to ship out…lots of lifting and walking to do. But I am not stressing myself out. Especially now I have to be very careful in the workplace. Stress and fatigue are not welcome. Staying healthy is highly important. Health is wealth.

This is one of my greatest goals. Now it is here, I will take very good care of myself. I told my two co-employees in customer service about the good news. They are happy for me.

Everybody is sending their congratulatory greetings. Yes, I am expecting.

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Like I Am Possessed Or Something

‘Glad I feel better now. I am not miserable about dripping nose and watery eyes anymore. It was terrible because my sinusitis was acting up. Though my cold was gone, still having a coarse voice…like I am possessed or something. But I am trying to sound normal whenever I answer calls or even make pages and announcements. *Sigh*. I am really happy that I am over with the cold. Me getting this is once in a blue moon you know. But when it hits me, it’s terrible. That is why I make a habit of drinking a lot of water and fruit juice. Plus a good rest and enough sleep help the body maintain it’s strong resistance.

My co-associates are happy that I feel better now. Thanks God.

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