The Birthday Girl Likes Yellow

My associate K is celebrating her birthday. I am glad to work with her in customer service.

It was a very last minute shopping for a gift to give to her yesterday. I could not think of anything in the past few days. But something reminded me that she told me that she likes the yellow color. That was when I wore yellow socks at work 🙂 So I gave her a yellow card case wallet.

A piece of a tip…if you could not think of a gift to someone, try to remember the moment he or she shared to you an idea of the things they liked.

“Happy birthday K! I hope everything you wish for will be granted. Oh hey, do not worry about your age so much. Twenty two is still young sweetie.”

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Gone Home Without Advising J

I feel bad. Why? Because my associate N and I left the store last night without telling the home are manager that we were leaving. She called us and said not to leave yet because the men’s restroom on the second floor was flooded. Then the seasonal department associate was still recovering her area. I was very tired and hungry too. ‘Did a lot of gift wrapping in the afternoon. But I helped with the recovering. After a while, N said we had to go. So we clocked out, but we told the men’s department manager that we were going.

I feel guilty. Aw, I hope everything was fine last night.

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My Work Associate Is Getting Married

My associate at work C is getting married! Yay! I went to her Bachelorette Party on Saturday evening and we had lots of fun.

The wedding will be this coming Saturday in Canton, Texas-East of Dallas. Why I have a red Japanese umbrella? Because C will be having a Japanese themed wedding. And we bought a couple of them from Hobby Lobby on Saturday. I bet the wedding will be very wonderful. I am sure C will look very lovely in her kimono. I wish I can attend the wedding but no. I have to work late that Saturday.

She will be off for seven days. We will miss her at work, surely. Well, ‘wish her happiness on her new life as a married woman.

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