Tips To Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

What a lovely day to go on a road travel today. The weather is mostly cloudy and the temperature is in the 70s F. I thought it’s going to rain this morning but it didn’t. But there’s no plan to travel far away except this weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary. My dear husband and I are planning to go on a special trip just the two of us. Yes, it’s husband and wife’s getaway alright. We haven’t been together in a while. This time the little one will be with the aunt and uncle’s care over the weekend. My husband and I are going to spend a special time together.

Special occasions like wedding anniversaries are events that every couple should celebrate to keep the relationship fresh. It is also very important to keep the sweetness to each other. There are few things you can do to celebrate this special occasion.

Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa
Dinner date at Vivere Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa

Lunch Date or Dinner Date – Make an advance reservation for your date.  If you are scheduling it on a weekend, better reserve three days in advance because some nice restaurants are fully booked on weekends.

Gifts For Your Sweetheart – If you are giving a gift to your man, a few items can be considered:  watch, belt, polo shirt, wallet, travel planner, passport holder, under garments, hat, or a travel bag.

If you are giving a gift to your woman, here’s a few examples you can buy for her:  jewelry (necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet), handbag, shoes, clothes, perfume, customized travel planner, travel bag, kitchen electrics, home decor, or beauty products.  

Getaway – It is one great gift for both of you – a vacation to your dream place or a cruise that you have been looking forward to.  Plan ahead of time like six months ahead.  Travel planning can be stressful if you do it close to your agreed date.  Comparing hotel rates, ticket prices, and cruise packages can take time.  So book your trip soon.  

My husband and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend.  We are just gonna have a dinner date in town. Next year, hopefully, we can go on a vacation for our next wedding anniversary celebration.  

Weekend Anniversary Trip

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary getaway last weekend and like the previous years, we went to Oklahoma to have some entertainment.  It was only a day trip.  We left nine o’clock in the morning and arrived at our destination at about 10 A.M.  My husband’s parents came over for the weekend to babysit the little one.

I like my pictures taken whenever I travel so I have a simple souvenir of memories about the places I’ve been to.

Colbert’s Ferry Historical mark at the Red River – Welcome Center Oklahoma
Stage Coach – Oklahoma Welcome Center
The person holding the camera can’t wait to enter. 🙂

It was a chilly morning and people didn’t seem to mind it.  My husband and I always have fun here.  We are not the kind of people who empty our pockets in this place.  We are just gamers and who have fun once in a while.  We had a bit of luck so it doubled the fun.  🙂

We head home and arrived before our little one’s bedtime.  It’s nice to travel just the two of us again.  But next time we go on a getaway for our wedding anniversary celebration, I’d like it to be in a place where our daughter can enjoy and have fun too.

5th Anniversary In The US of A!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of my arrival in Texas, USA!  A lot of good things happened as far as getting married is concerned.  🙂  Everything turned out smoothly and I am here living happily  with my beloved husband.  We now have a 2-year old little girl.

Leaving my family and friends in Philippines was not an easy decision.  Me getting married to a foreigner was new to the family.  And flying international for the very first time was a scare yet an adventure too.  But what else can I do?  I fell in love and found my true love in Texas.  🙂

I came across to many challenges here in the US.

Climate – Adjusting in four seasons is quite a challenge (all the time) for me.  I am used to wet and dry season in the Philippines.  Though Texas has a very hot summer, I started to like it better than cold winter.

Employment – I was worried about getting an employment here in the US.  But it came very easy.  The challenge was getting along with co-employees and the bosses.  I was lucky because my co-employees at work were friendly and helpful.

Culture – Like other wealthy countries, America is a place of mixed races.  So different cultures are in here.  I was concerned about getting influenced by the Western culture.  But I have a strong Filipino culture.

Driving – To get around, I had to learn how to drive which is one of the biggest challenges in my life.  Who would ever thought I’ll be driving?  I never expected this to come to me.  But I did it with flying colors!  Proud of myself for the huge achievement.  Thanks to my loving husband for the patience and opportunity.

New Family – My husband’s family is my extended family now.  They accepted me and they’re good to me.  I have the best in-laws in the world.

Marriage – Like any married couple, my husband and I also have little misunderstandings sometimes.  It is always an adjustment even though we were together for five years.  But what I am thankful for is that, he is very understanding and a gentleman.

As I celebrate the 5th anniversary of my arrival in the US, I went to the mall and had some retail therapy.  :p I enjoyed it!