Dolphins At SeaWorld

My cousin and her family is planning to go to San Antonio some time this month.  They are thinking to visit SeaWorld.  I told her that me and my husband were there in the summer two years ago.

There are many thrill and water rides to enjoy.  Because they are expecting another baby right now, my cousin will not be able to try the rides.  Her husband is considering SeaWorld as their Spring getaway destination.  But my cousin said he’s hearing bad feedback about it.  In my opinion, as a seasonal theme park, there are thousands of people visiting the place from all over.  My husband and I were there on a summertime.  Based on our experience, the waiting time to get on a ride was between 30-40 minutes.  That was on major rides like the The Journey to Atlantis and Steel Eel.

Dolphin watching at SeaWorld San Antonio

But there are attractions at SeaWorld that can be visited or seen by schedule.  Like dolphin feeding for example, we just got in area and watched the dolphins.  It was nice because they do tricks too.  Then at the Shamu Show, we walked a long way but watching the Orca whales did their presentation was worth it the time.  There are kiddie rides too, but I do not think my cousin’s husband will allow their one year old daughter to get on those rides.

Morgan’s Wonderland In San Antonio

Another interesting theme park to visit in San Antonio is Morgan’s Wonderland.  The park officially opened in April 2010.  The park was named to the owner’s daughter.

Billed as the world’s first ultra-accessible family fun park, Morgan’s Wonderland is a 25-acre amusement park that’s designed to be fun for everyone, yet specially built to accommodate children and adults with special cognitive and physical needs.  The park has exciting rides and event center that guest will absolutely enjoy.  The rides are specially designed for guests with special needs.  But it does not mean we cannot enjoy visiting the park.  I think the Wonderland Express & Depot will be the best pick for everyone.

If you go:

Time of operation:  Seasonal, March-December

Admission:  Free for guest(s) with special needs, $10 for individual(s) accompanying special needs guest(s), $15 for general admission, Free for children 0-2 years old.

Parking:  Free

For more information about the park, rides and reservations, please visit Morgan’

San Antonio SeaWorld Rides

It would be nice if we will have a vacation  San Antonio again this year.  I would love to visit SeaWorld, and this time with our little angel.  To me, the best time to go is in the summer because you get to enjoy the rides and stuff.  When we were there two years ago I had fun riding the Journey to Atlantis, Steel Eel, The Great White, and the Orca kiddie roller coaster.  We did not get the chance to enjoy the water in Rio Loco because the place was hugely packed with people!

I had my adrenalin soared high when we road the Steel Eel.  I told myself, that would be the first and last time we’ll ride it.  Hubby and I were shaking after the furious ride!  But that was the fun part. 🙂