The On Going Search For The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

This is undeniably one of the most mysterious incident in aviation history. ¬†It has been months of searching and no sign of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 debris found at all. ¬†It’s almost a year and hopes are fading? ¬†The¬†USC Geographic Information Science & Technology¬†provides information on how the search is done. ¬†The oceans are very deep and the currents are wild and huge. ¬†Searching the vast ocean is a tremendous challenge to the search teams. ¬†I hope that this mystery will be solved.

Long Line At The Immigration

My cousins Emz and Neldz and their families are back from their three-week long vacation to the Philippines.¬† We picked them up at the airport two weeks ago.¬† We booked a hotel room the day before their arrival so we won’t be in rush going to the airport early in the morning.

It was a cool damp morning and good thing it wasn’t raining because my husband and I were driving separate vehicles.¬† He was driving my cousin’s pick up truck that they let us drove back to their house to save them parking fees at the airport, and I was the one driving our car.¬† That was the very first time I drove to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport and I was glad it wasn’t raining because I hate driving in the rain especially on busy roads going to the airport.

Korean Air’s arrival from Cebu, Philippines was 8:35 A.M. that Tuesday.¬† So we gave it about an hour because baggage claim, immigration, and security checks can take long.¬†¬†We got there at about 9:40 A.M. I thought¬† my cousins will be heading out any minute.¬† According to the screens display of live flight status information at the arrivals area, they landed on time.¬† (Hurray for Korean Air!) Since we knew that they’re already landed and assuming they were lined up for security check, I tried giving my cousin a ring and left a voicemail.¬† A few minutes after she called me back saying they were still in line at the immigration area.¬† Uh oh!¬† My husband said it’ll be another hour or so before they’ll show up.¬† He was right.

It was great to see my cousins and their families again.¬† Emz and Neldz looked very tired.¬† I know the feeling.¬† ūüôā