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We are in Seattle, Washington.¬† Will be flying to Taipei, Taiwan in a couple of hours. ūüôā¬† See you tomorrow dear family.

The On Going Search For The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

This is undeniably one of the most mysterious incident in aviation history. ¬†It has been months of searching and no sign of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 debris found at all. ¬†It’s almost a year and hopes are fading? ¬†The¬†USC Geographic Information Science & Technology¬†provides information on how the search is done. ¬†The oceans are very deep and the currents are wild and huge. ¬†Searching the vast ocean is a tremendous challenge to the search teams. ¬†I hope that this mystery will be solved.

Long Line At The Immigration

My cousins Emz and Neldz and their families are back from their three-week long vacation to the Philippines.¬† We picked them up at the airport two weeks ago.¬† We booked a hotel room the day before their arrival so we won’t be in rush going to the airport early in the morning.

It was a cool damp morning and good thing it wasn’t raining because my husband and I were driving separate vehicles.¬† He was driving my cousin’s pick up truck that they let us drove back to their house to save them parking fees at the airport, and I was the one driving our car.¬† That was the very first time I drove to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport and I was glad it wasn’t raining because I hate driving in the rain especially on busy roads going to the airport.

Korean Air’s arrival from Cebu, Philippines was 8:35 A.M. that Tuesday.¬† So we gave it about an hour because baggage claim, immigration, and security checks can take long.¬†¬†We got there at about 9:40 A.M. I thought¬† my cousins will be heading out any minute.¬† According to the screens display of live flight status information at the arrivals area, they landed on time.¬† (Hurray for Korean Air!) Since we knew that they’re already landed and assuming they were lined up for security check, I tried giving my cousin a ring and left a voicemail.¬† A few minutes after she called me back saying they were still in line at the immigration area.¬† Uh oh!¬† My husband said it’ll be another hour or so before they’ll show up.¬† He was right.

It was great to see my cousins and their families again.¬† Emz and Neldz looked very tired.¬† I know the feeling.¬† ūüôā

The Travelers Are Back Home

Our vacation is officially over.  We are back in Texas.  We arrived at DFW airport yesterday at 8:30 in the morning via Korean Air.  Everything was fine.  The flight, the traveling,  and the vacation itself.  We had a wonderful time with the family.

We departed from Cebu like we usually do.¬† There was a layover in Korea since Korean Air doesn’t have direct flights¬† to Dallas.¬† The Five-hour layover wasn’t bad as I thought.¬† Because we flew from Cebu, Philippines at midnight and the flight to Korea only takes more or less four hours, a good sleep on the plane is impossible.¬† So at Incheon airport, my husband let us (my daughter and I) sleep for a couple of hours on vacant seats at the passenger lounge.¬† Good thing our daughter did not throw a fit at the airport.¬† Though she woke up 30 minutes before the boarding time, she was feeling good.¬† A good rest really helps a child to have a good mood.


Airstar Avenue shopping area – Incheon Airport Korea


Transit Hotel – Incheon Airport Korea


I bought a cup of coffee here at Smoothie King, Gate 10 and 11 – Incheon Airport Korea


Year 2012 (Partial year) World’s busiest airport by passenger traffic. – Incheon Airport Korea

As you know, Incheon Airport is included in the Top 30 World’s Busiest Airport by passenger traffic in 2012.¬† And Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Philippines) was included in the Top 50 in 2011.

We crossed the International Date Line twice and now the travelers are back home Рand will be dealing with jet lag probably for a few weeks.  Well, we are looking forward to another long vacation in three years.  Hopefully find competitive hotel rates from Flighthub.  God bless!