Contented With The Junior Size

It is my day off. My cousin E and her husband invited us to come over their place at noon. Then she said her husband wants us to go fishing. They have catfish in their small pond a few distances from their house.

My husband bought me a junior fishing pole from the Academy three days ago. I do not know how to catch a fish, but he said he will teach me. It is pretty exciting because this is going to be my first time fishing with a fishing pole 🙂 I surely cannot use the big long fishing pole so I will be contented with a junior size for now. ‘Will keep you posted 🙂

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‘Thought It Was Stormy

Two hours before closing, customers who came to customer service were telling us there is a tornado heading towards Fort Worth. Huh??? We’re like…geez! I heard thundering outside even though our workplace is in the ground floor.

I called my husband to make sure he will not forget to pick me up from work. Good thing he was awake (because he sleeps on the couch while watching television sometimes). I thought it was very stormy when we got out of the store 9:30 P.M. Thank God the storm headed to a different direction.

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A Day Of Wandering Downtown

After weeks of hard work, me and my friends’ day off have met at last. N, D, and myself agreed to meet at the mall to have girls’ day out. I had no idea that N will bring her car because her husband usually drives it to work. But that’s a good thing for us. Since we decided to go store hopping after we ran a few errands, N was the driver of the day. We bought some women’s clothes for a very low price in Downtown Fort Worth.

You know, it was fun to be with friends. We should hang out with them sometimes. Getting together with my girl friends (workmates or not) makes me feel cheerful. Friends’ companionship brings warmth in the heart and relaxation to the mind.

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