It’s Time for You to Take Your Dream Vacation to Romantic Italy

Are you tired of taking the same old boring vacation every year? If you and your loved one are ready for something new and exciting, why not take the ultimate romantic dream vacation to Italy? Perhaps you may be looking for a great way to celebrate an anniversary. What better place to acknowledge all the great times you have spent as a couple? Perhaps you may even be looking for the ultimate unforgettable place to pop the question. Imagine doing it in a gondola under the moon in Venice? Or perhaps beneath the majestic ruins of ancient Rome?

A Dream Vacation to Italy is an Experience That Can’t Be Matched

There are plenty of places in the world where you can take your vacation. But if you want to visit the place where romance was seemingly born, there is no other venue quite like Italy. If you want to enjoy the ultimate in cuisine, backed by landscapes that no other land can match, you’ve really got to visit Italy. And if you want to learn the language of ancient and modern romance straight from the lips of the native speakers, you need to be in Italy. There is no other place quite like this ancient and ever young land. If you want to experience it, you need to plan for it today.

You Can Use a Travel Agency to Book the Vacation of Your Dreams

New developments in technology have made it easier than ever to take your dream tour of historic Italy. You can log on to the world wide web to make all of your plans and select the vacation travel package that best fits your personal needs. There is a wide variety of packages to choose from. You can hit all of the places you desire for a price that won’t break your budget. The time to reserve your vacation is now.

If You Want to Plan the Ultimate Dream Trip, Use the Web To Make It Happen

The best news of all is that you can enjoy a romantic trip to Italy for pennies on the dollar of what it used to cost in the old days. You don’t even have to leave the safety and comfort of your living room to book your ultimate Italian vacation. If you really want to plan the ultimate dream trip to Italy, you can use the power of the world wide web to make it happen. This is one trip you’ll never regret, so why not get started on planning it today? All you need to do to turn your fantasy into reality is to log on to

Girls Night Out or Shall I Say Moms Night Out at Sambuca 360

Photo by: Morena

It was a pleasant evening for a night out.  My friends and I went to Sambuca 360 in Plano to disco two weekends ago.  It was a fun night.  Our husbands approved our girls night out date.  We’re all behaved.

Having some wine at Sambuca 360 in Plano (TX).
Photo by: Morena

Celebrating birthdays were me, Morena, and Rina.  The last time we were in Sambuca 360 was three years ago, also celebrated our birthdays together.  That was a long time, huh?

There’s no entrance fee at the disco.  You have to show a valid ID at the front desk.  Upon ordering a meal or a drink, they will ask for a credit or debit card.  They will hold it until it’s time for the bill and check out.

My friends and I had an enjoyable evening dancing to the upbeat music of the 70’s, 80’s, the 90’s.  There was a live band that adds to the excitement in the disco.  We had so much fun.

Happy birthday, Mors and Rina! Let’s do this again. 

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