Excited And Getting Ready For Our Trip

“Are you ready?”  That was my friend NJ’s question when she called few days ago.

“I haven’t started packing yet,” I said chuckling.

“I am excited na sis’,” she said.

“Me, too,”  I reckon.

My friend NJ and I together with her big sister and my daughter are traveling together to the Philippines. It would be very awesome if we will be spending our vacation together but no.  NJ and her big sister will attend a reunion in their town.  Me and my daughter will be spending our long vacation with my side of the family.

I started packing already.  Although it’s three weeks before the flight, I can’t help gathering stuff like clothes, personal care items, and homecoming gifts and putting them all in the luggage.  In fact, I already finished packing my darling daughter’s suitcase yesterday.  I don’t want to mess with it unless I really need to.