Tips For An Enjoyable Summer Vacation

At the beach.
At the beach. I love the beach.

It’s officially summer again!  Well, in some parts of the world.  Anyway, do you have any summer vacation plans yet?  It doesn’t matter if you are going on a month-long summer getaway or not.  What’s important is that you get at least a week of vacation to spend with your family or special someone.

Because summer is getting hotter and hotter, we cannot compromise our health and enjoyment.  So below are some of the most important tips to have an enjoyable summer vacation.

  • Decide where to go.  If you want to go to an island vacation, to the beach, or resort, better plan it ahead of time and decide immediately.  As we all know, hotels in these places get fully-booked immediately so the soonest you can make up your mind about vacationing here is the best.
  • Shop for airfare and hotel accommodations.  When you figure out the place for your vacation, it’s time to shop and compare airfare (if you are traveling international or domestic) and hotel accommodation prices.  It is always great to find cheap flights.
  • Do not overload.  The key to an enjoyable and satisfying travel and vacation is traveling lightly.  We want to wear what are light and comfortable and bring what are convenient to use.  My husband complains (sometimes) because I have so much stuff in my luggage that I ended up not useful at all. Don’t ever forget to bring sunscreen, lip balm, and a small first aid kit.
  • Take only the important things.  Yes I said that do not overload but don’t forget the important things also such as passports or ID, credit card, pocket money, keys, digital camera and memory card, cellphone, chargers, travel/booking confirmations, itinerary, and the like.

I hope that we all have a wonderful summer and always be safe.