Vacation Time In The Spring

Hello friends!  Spring is just around the corner.  I know we are ready for warm weather, right?  And the last freeze of winter (here in Texas) has already past, probably.  My family and I are ready to work on our garden again.  We are anxious to get fresh produce.

Anyway, it’s Spring break and I got a call from my friend who hired me as a part-time babysitter last year.  She and her family are going on a Spring vacation for a week starting today.  They are flying to Oregon.  Actually, they already left this morning.  Since they will be gone for a few days, I will be pet sitting their dog.  My daughter likes their dog so it’s okay to take the pet home with us.

My friend sent me a text message this afternoon and she said they just landed in Portland.  I am guessing they are vacationing in Portland, Oregon.  I heard from my cousin who visited her sister in Oregon few months ago that there are pretty places to visit there.  I remember she told me they went to see the Crater Lake.  She said it’s magnificent.  Someday, when my cousin visits her sister again, I will go with her.