Don’t Drive On Icy Road

We are stuck home today.  Winter storm has struck and parts of Texas are icy.  Actually I am hoping for a bit of snow storm so we can go out and play in the snow. Traveling is out of the plan because the roads have sleet.  We already saw a wreck right across the road where we live.  Ugh.

So hubby has a three-day weekend. There is no office today and schools are closed.  We lit up the fireplace to keep the house warm and comfortable.  On cold weather like this, we try to reduce the work of the air-conditioner to save electricity and at least to lower the electric bill.

Anyway, in this low temperature the ice won’t thaw out quickly.  But the ice on the roads will thaw and dry up fast.  Hubby will go to work tomorrow for sure. He is going to drive my car because it has good front brakes.  His truck is giving him problems lately.  We took it to the local auto repair shop few weeks ago for maintenance.  Ten-year old Chevy truck is now weakening.  As of now, we don’t risk driving it on long distance travels especially out-of-States.

I hope everyone is staying warm.  If you are traveling, be very very careful on the road.