The On Going Search For The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

This is undeniably one of the most mysterious incident in aviation history.  It has been months of searching and no sign of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 debris found at all.  It’s almost a year and hopes are fading?  The USC Geographic Information Science & Technology provides information on how the search is done.  The oceans are very deep and the currents are wild and huge.  Searching the vast ocean is a tremendous challenge to the search teams.  I hope that this mystery will be solved.

21 thoughts on “The On Going Search For The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

  1. This is such a tragic event. Even moreso in that it happened twice! My heart goes out to the families.

  2. I just brought this up the other day after that other Asian flight just crashed. I was asking around,someone had said they found some remains. I did not know what had become of this. It is so strange.

  3. It’s just amazing to see how much technology we have at our disposal, and yet … it hasn’t turned up anything. I do hope that something turns up at some point, so that the families can have some sort of closure.

  4. This comes to my mind every so often. And then the direct bad luck that followed. It’s all very sad.

  5. This is so frightening that not a single shred of this plane has been found. My heart breaks for the families who want answers and closure.

    1. Same here. Well, the ocean is super vast and search operation is very complex.

  6. So odd. Like from a movie or TV show or something. Terrible for all those involved.

  7. It’s just beyond bizarre that there is no sign of it anywhere. I wonder if they’ll ever figure it out.

  8. I thought i heard last week that they found some debris in the ocean? maybe it was the other plan.. but yea wth happened to this plane and all the people on it..

  9. It’s crazy to think in this world where we can GPS anything that they can’t find a plane!! Changes need to be made!

    1. The ocean has violent currents and every second any thing crashed in there can be into pieces in no time. So scary.

  10. I think about this every now and then. It was so weird how it just disappeared.

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