Renting A Home On Vacation

As early as now my husband and I are talking about our next vacation to the Philippines. Travel planning and saving money are better done early than late to avoid rushing and panic.  Our big concern right now is how to reduce our spending in hotel accommodations.  I admit that on our previous travels, we spent a lot on hotels and resort bookings.  I have family and relatives back home.  You might ask why we didn’t stay at a family’s house.  Honestly none of my parents’ or siblings’ houses have air conditioning.  Their homes don’t have the amenities that my husband are used to like air-con, heated shower, and flush toilet.  That is why we stayed in a hotel the whole time when we were there.

We are hoping that this time, we can find a house to rent for a month.  Of course we want all the amenities present.  The heated shower seems like hard to find in a home over there.  I don’t know.  Hopefully we will be able to find one.  We are sure to travel in the Fall because it’s low season.  And we are looking forward to getting a very affordable plane ticket.  Days pass by so quickly. Travel booking should be placed in advance.