New Year Celebration Advice

Happy New Year!  Are you or your family traveling?  Well, y’all be safe in going places because the traffic might be very very bad.  Fireworks show are held in some venues and spectators are everywhere.

Always be watchful on the road while driving and pay attention to signs.  Some cities here in the US prohibit shooting fireworks.  In some areas like the the country is not.  If you want to celebrate and welcome the New Year, just use fireworks and nothing else.  Be mindful of your neighbors and other people.  Celebrate the coming of the New Year in safety and peaceful way.

Like the previous New Year celebrations, my family and I will just stay home and shoot fireworks like we usually do.  We enjoy doing it and it’s still allowed in our town.  That is why we are taking advantage of it while it’s still okay.

Then tomorrow we will be visiting my brother-in-law and his family.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!