We Went To See The Nutcracker Show

outdoor Holiday decor

It’s my darling daughter’s birthday and we celebrated the special occasion with her cousins in Whitehouse, TX.  As soon as we got home from my work Friday evening, we grabbed our things and hit the road after eating dinner.  My dear husband didn’t go with us because he wasn’t feeling well.  He said his tummy was feeling funny.  So I didn’t forced him to go with us.  While at my sister-in-law’s house, I gave him a call every few hours to check how he’s feeling.

Driving through my sister-in-law’s neighborhood we saw beautiful Holiday decorations and light displays.  They’re all pretty and colorful.  But my daughter’s favorite was this Winnie The Pooh and Friends Holiday decor.

Nutcracker show
It was a great show.

Then Saturday afternoon DD’s aunt Sue hosted a small birthday party.  Then in the evening we went and watched The Nutcracker show.  Mom-in-law bought tickets for the show but unfortunately she wasn’t able to see it with us because she was sick.  She also wasn’t there on DD’s birthday celebration at Sue’s house.  Anyway, it was a great show.  That was the first time I saw it.  I think my daughter liked it, too.  The Nutcracker shows are going on now that Holiday season is here.  It is a special presentation for everyone to witness and enjoy.