Thankful For Safe Travels

The weather this week is pleasant to travel to visit families for Thanksgiving Day.  Though it’s breezy, sunshine is abundant to keep us warm.  Me and my family drove to our folks this afternoon to celebrate the American tradition – Thanksgiving Day.  It’s a celebration of togetherness, blessings, and happy moments.

There are so many things to be thankful for. Besides everyone’s good health and the opportunities to provide food on our tables, we should also be thankful for safety in our daily travels.

We took the country roads going to my in-law’s house in Tyler, Texas.  We liked crossing the bridge at Lake Tawakoni.  A new bridge is under construction the last time we drove through there.  We’d like to see if it’s done now.  But not yet…still finishing the new foundations.  Taking the back roads going to our destination takes a while than taking the Interstate and Toll roads.  But we like it that way sometimes.  We enjoy seeing big green trees and the towns we pass through.

The folks are already busy with the Thanksgiving Day preparation today.  They already started cooking.  The turkey is ready to put in the oven at midnight.  🙂

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day from my family to yours.  Safe travels, too.