When You’re Vacationing In Cold Places

Cousin and her two kids went on a vacation for a month in Oregon. They went there to visit her big sister and and her family.  We missed them during those four weeks that they’re gone but I know they were having a wonderful time there in Oregon.

I thought the State of Oregon is located in the Eastern part of the US.  When I checked it out, it is located way in the Northwest part of the country.  My cousin said it’s super cold up there in the winter.  When she was preparing for their trip, she packed her sweaters and jackets.  She told me that the girls didn’t have new jackets so I went shopping with her for toddler winter clothes.


When going on a trip, especially if you are planning to visit family or friends living in places where the weather gets cold, taking a few outerwear like jackets or sweaters can be very convenient.  This way you don’t have to buy these clothing there.  Chances are that they can be very expensive over there.

Hopefully someday I will be able to go with my cousin when she visits her big sister again in Oregon.  I want to see the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  And my darling daughter will definitely enjoy it, too.  It would be nice to get-together us cousins again.