Putting Community Dues To Good Use

The people who pay dues to a community or homeowner’s organization want to know what their money is paying for. The most concerned citizens want to make sure that all of their money is being used properly. When the community spends its money with a company like InnoviaCMC.com, the will be able to get many more services than they would otherwise. In fact, the small payments that are made to these community managers can create a new air in the community.

The Management Of Funds

All the funds that are passed through the community organization can be handled by a third party. This third party person takes out any semblance of impropriety, and the community manager can report to anyone in the neighborhood about the state of the funds. This means that the people in the community will not have to wonder where their money is going, and they know it is being spent by someone who has a job to do.

The Use Of Funds

The use of the funds can be put in the hands of the community manager. The community manager can use these dues to pay for landscaping, security and improvements. The people in the community can make sure that they are getting what they believe their money should pay for. Also, the people in the community are going to have a chance to see the changes their money will bring about.

Most changes will be aesthetic. The money can pay for landscaping to be done in the community every week, and the money can pay for better pools and tennis courts. These amenities alone make the homes in the community more valuable. These amenities also make it much more pleasant for people to live in the community.

When the money that is donated by each person in the community is put to good use, the community will flourish. A community manager will be able to use those funds wisely, they can make the community look better and they can make it a better place to live. These third party workers have the best interests of the people in the community at heart.

Birthday Lunch At A Barbeque Place


It’s a very beautiful day today.  Because it’s my dear husband’s birthday. ‘Thankful that he is in great health and he has quit smoking.  For so many years of smoking, he had completely quit for a year now.  I am very happy.  I know he is too.  Not only it’s good for his health but also it’s better for me and our daughter.

As for his birthday celebration, we just went to a barbeque restaurant few miles from our house.  We haven’t been there in a while.  It’s a small barbeque place located off Hwy 78 and Hwy 205 in Lavon (Texas).  It’s also a great place to stop and eat when you’re on a road trip in the area.