Beach Essentials – What You Should Take When Going To The Beach

As you know I love going to the beach.  I like walking on the shore and feel the waves splash on my feet.  The sound of the waves rolling to the shore is kind of relaxing.  Though the heat of the sun drains you in the summer when you’re at the beach, taking time to sit down under a beach umbrella with an ice cold water is enough to bring back your energy.

Besides wearing your favorite swimwear, you should not forget these very important essentials before going to the beach.

1.  Cooler with drinks and snacks – If the beach resort allows it, you can bring cold drinks (except alcoholic beverages, of course) water, juice, and a few sodas and snacks with you.  When we were in Galveston Island, food and drinks were allowed at Stewart Beach.  We brought a big cooler full of beverages.  And a bag full of summer essentials and snacks.  It is highly recommended to bring water or juice wherever you go in the summertime to keep us hydrated.

2.  Sunscreen – A very important thing to bring to the beach is sunscreen.  Skin protection from harmful UV rays from the sun should not be ignored most especially if you are going to the beach with kids.

3.  Towels – It is great to bring your own towels to the beach rather than taking the hotel provided towels.  We always bring extra towels from home.

4.  Sunglasses – Thumbs up to these accessories that they protect our eyes from the bright sunlight in the summertime.

5.  Water shoes – Okay, walking barefoot on the sand is nice once in a while.  But you would want to wear water shoes at the beach because you’ll never know what you’re stepping on to.  Especially when you go into the seawater for a swim.

6.  A Roll of Paper Towel – This is for other wiping purposes if you don’t want to use your extra towels to wipe off food or something.

7.  A few cups – I don’t know about you but I like bringing cups for some reason.

8.  Shampoo – This is very handy when showering after swimming in the ocean.  I don’t like the feeling of the salty water on my skin and hair so I always shower and shampoo after beach day.

How about you?  Is there something more you want to add to the above mentioned beach essentials?