Always Put Your Wallet In Your Purse

What an embarrassing moment!  I had a plan to go shopping this evening but it was ruined.  But who’s to blame for it?  No other than…me.  After my babysitting work’s done, my daughter and I were on the road heading to the shopping complex.  My purpose was to buy a couple of lingerie and redeem my store coupons for them.  I was very excited.  I took the short cut I know to the shopping area so we can be there with plenty of time.  And I already told my little girl that I will take her to the play park after shopping since it isn’t dark yet.  I parked in the space close to the store.  But when were about to get off the car and I was grabbing my purse, I didn’t see a pink wallet in there.  I was like, WTF?  Where is it???  Then I realized I left my wallet at my friend’s where I was babysitting.  Oh my goodness.  It 30 minutes drive from the shopping area to her house.  I had to call my friend and told her I’m picking up my wallet sitting on the kitchen counter top.  Why what in the world?

And so I had a to do a lot of explanation to my daughter why we were heading back, why we’re not shopping, and why we’re not going to the play park.  I was driving without my driver’s license the whole time until I picked up my wallet.  That was scary!  I was VERY careful driving.

I was very relieved when I got my wallet.  Because it’s already dark, I told my daughter we’ll just head home. I was feeling guilty.  So I told her we’ll just stop by at the playground in downtown and let her play for 30 minutes.  On the road, I almost bumped into a coyote crossing the road.  Good thing he was running fast that I didn’t have to hit the brakes of my car.  Whew!  What a night.

Friendly Advice:  ALWAYS put your wallet in your bag.