Important Hotel Room Amenities

We checked in at La Quinta Inn Hotel – West in Galveston Island.  The rate is somewhat acceptable since it’s a very busy season and the hotel is located at the beach front.  My mother-in-law recommended the hotel because it’s where she usually buy accommodations whenever she goes to Galveston to visit her family and her parents’ grave.  Mom is from Galveston Island.

Microwave oven is one of the important amenities in a hotel room.
Microwave oven is one of the important amenities in a hotel room.

When finding a hotel to stay in, we always look for amenities that are very useful.  Besides the common hotel room amenities like hot shower and tub, refrigerator, and television, we would like the room to have a microwave oven and hair dryer.  We love to drink coffee in the morning and a microwave oven is very handy in heating water.  We usually bring instant coffee and a microwave-safe mug with us when traveling.  Also because I warm up milk for my daughter in the mornings and evenings.

Hair dryers are very handy, too.  Some of us likes to bathe at night before going to sleep.  And I my daughter and I take showers at night.  After a night swimming at the beach or in the pool, it is best to have a hair dryer in the hotel room’s bathroom to dry our hair before going to bed or before going out.

These are some of great amenities that hotels should provide their guests.