Itinerary For The Galveston Trip

The hotel room was reserved two weeks before our trip.  And before we left for our summer vacation, we have talked about the activities and attractions we’re going to do and to visit.  Below was the simple itinerary of our trip.

August 3, Sunday – Leave at 11:00 A.M.

  • Check in at La Quinta Inn West Galveston upon arrival.
  • Dinner.

August 4, Monday – Breakfast.  Visit some attractions at the Moody Gardens.  Dinner.

  • Visit the Moody Gardens – The Aquarium, The Discovery, and The Learning Pyramids
  • Lunch
  • Board The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

August 5, Tuesday – Breakfast.  Beach day!  Dinner.

August 6, Wednesday – Breakfast.  Go to Schlitterbahn.  Dinner.

August 7, Thursday – Breakfast.  Check out and go to Kemah, Texas to buy some seafood.

Head to Tyler after lunch and visit the folks.  Dinner with the family.

August 8, Friday – Visiting with the family in Tyler.

August 9, Saturday – Brunch.  Go home.

It was a wonderful summer vacation.  We had a great time in Galveston.