We Are Going To Galveston Island

We are going to Galveston Island this weekend.  I am excited to go back there again.  It’s been three years since I have been to the beach. When my dear husband came home from work last night, he asked me what preparation we’re doing for the Galveston vacation.  I said, well I already booked and confirmed the hotel room.  He said that’s the most important. 🙂

When vacationing, it is very important to find a nice place to stay.  So it is a high priority to secure the hotel accommodations first.  Some hotels offer hotel packages that include city tours and trips to local attractions.  Package prices already include the tickets or attraction passes.  Usually we only get the hotel accommodation because we don’t want to get tied up with the time on tours or something like that without worrying about catching the time.

Two of the main sights and attractions in Galveston Island now are the Moody Gardens and the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  We were planning to go visit them next week.  🙂 I would like to see the big aquarium and I bet darling daughter will enjoy that, too.  Then we will go to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  We might go for some rides there.