International Traveling Is Not Possible In 2015

I was informed by one of my classmates in high school that there will be an upcoming High School Class ’94 Reunion in May 2015.  It is 10 months from now!  Some of my classmates were asking if I will be able to attend the reunion.  As you may know, I am the Salutatorian in our batch.  I told them I would love to attend but I can’t.  The reasons are listed below:

My Passport – My Philippine passport is expiring in May 2015 and there is no way I will be able to renew it soon because the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles hasn’t announced yet if there is an outreach for consular services here in Dallas, Texas this coming Fall.  They already had one in March of this year but I missed that.  So no international traveling for me in 2015.

New Job – I am currently in the process of finalizing the agreement between me and my future boss for a possible part time job on my end.  And if everything turns out well, I will be starting to work part time this Fall.  Though my boss might understand if I leave for the reunion, I don’t want to risk losing my new job.  I told my classmate about it today.

Another thing is, my husband and I are planning to go on a long vacation in the Philippines in 2016 before our little girl goes to school.  So our priority now is saving money for our future vacation plan.  So our budget right now is quite tight.

I would really love to go to the class reunion.  I haven’t seen my classmates for 20 years.  But there are so many priorities now.  What do you think?