Air Travel: Enjoyable Or Boring?

Beautiful day to fly!
Beautiful day to fly!

Air travel to me is challenging yet enjoyable.  I like going to the airport and boarding on the plane.  As soon as your foot stepped inside the airport, the journey to your destination begins.

Some people find air travel stressful and boring.  Others enjoy it.  People who travel many places around the world are called jet setters.  I want to be one of them, someday.  I dreamed of visiting historical places and tourist spots.  So many interesting things to learn and do.

If you want to travel around the world someday, don’t forget to always get travel insurance.  It’s very important you now.  I remember when I was working in a travel agency, we always offer travel insurance to passengers especially to those who are availing the tour packages.

I am due for a long vacation.  My husband and I are planning to travel in two years.  We want our vacation to be grand and more enjoyable.  We were thinking about visiting our favorite resort.