Why Book A Hotel Room Before Heading To The Airport?

My family and I are checked in at Red Roof Inn right now because we will be picking up my cousin and party at the airport tomorrow.  Oh my!  Seems like it wasn’t three weeks that they were gone for a long vacation to the Philippines.  I bet my cousin doesn’t want to come back in Texas yet.  I know the feeling.  🙂

On the other hand, it’s a good idea that we got a hotel room because their arrival is at 8:35 in the morning.  We do not want to drive into the rush hour traffic going to the airport from our house.  It will be a huge stressful day for us.  This way, we don’t have to drag ourselves waking up very early in the morning.  The little girl won’t like it either.  Although getting ready and packing our stuff is not my type, an overnight stay at Red Roof Inn was ideal.

My darling daughter couldn’t wait to see her cousins tomorrow.  She missed them so much.  She already had a plan when they arrive.  They will play at cousins’ house and watch movies.  But I explained to her that they will still be very tired from traveling and the thought of playtime will not be possible soon.

Don’t Forget To Take This Product With You

People with very active sweat glands need something to keep their underarm dry and odor-free.  Some of these people are travelers who go to business trips or just traveling for pleasure.  In any way, they need body essentials that will make them feel comfortable and smelling fresh.  And an underarm deodorant is one of the most important body essentials that they shouldn’t forget to take.

Pampered_PitsFor instance, a trusted deodorant product like Pampered Pits can be very handy on a very busy day.  Made with natural components, this product from Sydelle Cosmetics was voted best deodorant in 2013 by the Natural Review.  I know we only use trusted skin care products, but this one is a must-try too.

Good Feeling As I Travel

I totally forgot that today is a holiday.  So I thought the post office is open.  I went there to ship the items I sold on eBay and Poshmark the other day.  To my disappointment, the post office is closed.  I have no choice but to wait to ship these tomorrow.  One package is going to North Dakota and the other is going to California.  Shipping fees are not that expensive for I used flat rate prices for Priority Mail service.

Anyway, from the post office, my daughter and I went to the mall and paid my store bills.  On our way, we saw this truck with a trailer attached to it and on the trailer is a barbeque pit.  My daughter asked me where it’s going. I said the owner might be selling barbeques somewhere.  The she said she wants to eat a barbeque. :p  I quickly thought of something else that will change her interest.  Telling her about going to her favorite restaurant for lunch made her happier.


When you’re on the road, chances are you will see things that are unusual yet amusing.  I like that.  Because it lightens up my day and gives me good feeling as a I travel.