A Compliment On My Driving

“Mommy, you’re good at driving.” – DD

These are the words my little girl said while we are driving to town.  Honestly, I was surprised how she actually complimented me with my driving.  I was really touched.  I have no idea where thoughts are coming from because at her young age (3 years old), I don’t think she means it.  But I believe her.  Of course I told her that I appreciate her compliment and I am doing my best to be a good driver.

See, I am always careful and alert while driving.  Whenever we go out-of-town or just go to town, I do my best to drive safely.  It is quite difficult for me because, like what they say, all your senses are working when you’re driving.  Road travel for me is very tiring.  I feel stiffness on my shoulder.  My husband told me to relax my arms and hands while on the wheel to prevent muscle stress.

When I feel muscle stress on my shoulders, I let my husband give me a massage.  Sore muscles from driving makes me feel irritable and tired.  I enjoy driving.  But sometimes it’s exhausting, too.  No matter how long the drive is, I don’t let fear get over me.  I feel confident and relaxed on the wheel.  To me, driving is always an adventure.

Meet the driver. :)
Meet the driver. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Compliment On My Driving

  1. I like driving, specially when traveling to nearby cities by myself. Never driven for too long though and I am afraid because if it’s more than 5 hours of driving I start getting sleepy.

  2. Lucky for you mommy, you love to drive and you don’t get nervous at all. I do and I hate that about myself. I drove for two days following my husband and my kids in the U-Haul van when we moved here to Wyoming last August and it was my first long drive ever! I was so freaked out the first day of driving especially when we arrived at the busiest town and I almost broke down and cried. Well, I was at the very edge of crying, but I gained back my composure and paid attention to the road. I hated the work zone because I feel claustrophobic driving 60 miles on one lane with orange cones on boths sides and trucks right behind me. Waaaaaaaaaaa… I hope I get over that fear and nervousness someday. 🙂

  3. I try to be a good driver but I have a lead foot. I obviously don’t use my phone while driving so I guess that’s a plus. Anyway, aren’t the little compliments our children make just so precious? Mine is three, too, and she makes my heart melt sometimes.

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