Battery Replacement For My Car

DD and I went to see daddy and had lunch with him together with our dear friends T and J.  Daddy’s office is about 40 minutes drive from the house.  But it was a very nice day today so driving over there wasn’t bad.  I enjoy driving like everything else outdoors.  I feel good when I get to drive.  I don’t know but when dear husband’s driving and I sit in the back, I feel car sickness and get dizzy.  ‘Makes me want to throw up.

Anyway, my car has a new battery (thanks to my dear husband for helping me maintain my Toyota Scion).  A month ago, it seemed like it was taking a few seconds to start the engine.  My husband said it’s time to replace the battery.  So, when we were at our folks house, he and father-in-law went to Walmart and bought a new battery for the car.  I thought it will take him a while to do that but it was easy.  Now my car’s engine starts very smoothly and quickly.  You see, road travel is comfortable and safe if your vehicle is in great condition.

Our first get-together with friends in the new year went fine.  We had a great lunch at Posado’s Mexican restaurant.  DD got to see her godmother today.

10 thoughts on “Battery Replacement For My Car

  1. Car maintenance can be very expensive, i didn’t know that walmart sell car parts good to know

  2. It is important to keep the car and all its parts in good working order. Good job changing the battery while it was still working before you had a major emergency.

  3. Replacing a battery is painless if you know what you are doing. I don’t, so I’m glad I have a dad, brother, husband and trustworthy mechanic to take care of things like this.

  4. We had to replace ours too last December because it stopped working right on the day where the temp was around below zero. On the day of a freezing cold weather, we had to go to the hardware store to have it replaced. My poor husband was freezing outside while changing the battery, which took him a long while to have it replaced when everything around you is frozen solid. Brrr… But anyway, it pays to really take care of the car because we depend on it to take us places.

  5. Finally, close the hood, remove the memory saver, and start your car. Make sure everything is working accordingly. If all systems are go, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back. If things aren’t running quite properly after you change your battery, give your mechanic a call.

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