Fast Food Restaurants Help Satisfy Hunger When Traveling

As we were on our way to East Texas this afternoon, we stopped by at a fast food to get something to eat.  My darling daughter loves chicken nuggets so we got that for her and my husband and I got hamburgers.  I don’t eat and drive so DH had to do the driving while we’re eating our meals in the car.

Sometimes we need to stop at a convenience store or a fast food to grab something to eat while traveling.  We never know when we’ll ran out of food in the car especially on long road travels.  It is very handy to find fast food that is open 24 hours like McDonald’s.  When we go to Tyler, we often stop at Denny’s off of I-20 in Terrell. I like their Tilapia fish dish in the menu.

We will spend the weekend at Mom and Dad’s house.  We did not come over for Christmas Eve because we decided to celebrate Christmas at our house.  It was actually our first Christmas celebration at home.  We’ve been to a family holiday vacation last year and celebrated the holidays with my family in the Philippines.  Our daughter was very excited to see her grandparents, as usual.  The thought that she have presents waiting for her at their house, DD was very anxious.  She kept on asking where we’re going. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fast Food Restaurants Help Satisfy Hunger When Traveling

  1. When we travel mommy, we try to eat as good as we can. Most of the times we go to Walmart and buy as some things that we can make our own sandwich or go to Subway. If those aren’t available, we go to Braum’s and other except McDonalds.

  2. We often do stop over to whenever we do a long drive. We always try to find Tim Hortons coz we drink coffee and eat bagel or muffins he he.. Never been to Dean’s glad you just mention about Tilapia and its my favorite. Will try this sometime. Enjoy your vacay!

  3. Fast food is definitely convenient when travel, especially with kids. It’s not my first choice by any means, but works in a pinch!

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