Driving To Arlington For The Very First Time All By Myself

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a friend’s birthday in Arlington (Texas).  That was the very first time I drove thru Dallas all by myself the evening of September 7th.  It was quite frightening at first few minutes before I entered the Interstate 30 but when I started to relax and hit the gas, I felt confident driving an hour and a half to Zuri Restaurant Bar & Lounge.

It was quite an adventure, actually, because I got lost.  Even though I was using a GPS (Global Positioning System), still I wasn’t able to locate the place.  Well, I missed the turn and I was driving in circles.  I called the contact number provided by the web search on my mobile phone.  I know the staff who answered gave me a helpful instruction on where to go, I was a little frustrated because I didn’t know where I was at as far as location is concerned (North, South, East, West).  Anyway, I tried taking the directions that my GPS gave me (again).  But when I was about to take a right at a light to go back to the Interstate, a train came.  What a mess!  Well after driving around, I finally found my way back to the Interstate and I made the correct turn and I reached my destination.  Whew!  What a driving experience.

So I joined the birthday girl and friends to the party.  Zuri Restaurant Bar & Lounge is located at the back of Blue Cypress Hotel in Arlington.  The hotel and restaurant is  near by attractions Six Flags, Ballpark, Cowboy Stadium, and Convention Center.  The restobar has a pool.  My friend told us to bring swim wear if we’d like to jump in the pool.  I wasn’t planning to swim, though.  So we just danced, eat, and party!

Zuri Arlington
The band.
The fabulous cake.
The fabulous birthday celebrant slicing the cake.
The pool was inviting.

Like Cinderella, I left the party at midnight.  I promised my darling husband I’ll be home between 1:00 and 1:30 in the morning.  Driving home was an adventure again because I was in a the wrong lane on I-30 going East.  I didn’t panic.  I just followed the GPS and thankfully I made it home safely at 1:15.

I had a fabulous evening. It was a nice party.