Confident In Driving The Chevy Truck

I went to a party in Plano yesterday.  A friend invited me to a baby shower of her friend’s stepdaughter.  I don’t mind driving far as long as I have permission from my dear husband.  I always tell him where I am going so he won’t be wondering.  He had let me drive the truck because I did not take along our darling daughter with me.

I feel confident driving the truck.  Though it’s a big vehicle for me to maneuver, I find it easy to drive.  I just have to adjust the seat and I put a square pillow under me and my back.  The purpose of these pillows is to get me a little higher on the seat and my back straight while driving.  Even in my own car, I put pillows on my seat because I am short.

Driving to the party took me 50 minutes because of the road repairs and stuff.  Catching a green light was not that often.  The host’s house is close to my cousin’s apartment before.  So the area is quite familiar to me.  I saw a few friends there at the party.  We had fun catching up and eating good food.  Of course, camera flashes everywhere.  🙂