Traveling And Vacation Plans Going On

As I am creating this post, I am still thinking of the 5-day weekend we had for the 4th of July last week.  We had a blast celebrating USA’s Independence Day at home.  My husband’s parents traveled from Tyler to celebrate the special occasion with us.  They haven’t done shooting fireworks for years so that was a great experience for them again.  My brother-in-law and his wife came over, too, as usual but this time their son didn’t come with them.  He had other plans. 🙂  My sister-in-law’s mom wasn’t able to come with them because there’s a special event held at the retirement community where she resides.

Also, our friend from Plano and her family came over to share the fun and enjoyment of the occasion.  My husband and I were very happy to have them.  Everyone brought delicious foods to share.  Our friend brought my favorite Filipino dish, Kare-Kare.  It reminded me of my college friend’s mom, who is now living in a retirement home in Atlanta.  She also makes the most delicious Kare-Kare in the world.  🙂  I miss her.

The day isn’t complete without lots of talks.  Catching up with everybody is very special because this is the time we learn about each other’s ideals.  Traveling and vacation to Hawaii is what our friend and her family is preparing for.  They will be spending 10 days in Hawaii that includes visiting the beautiful island of Kaua’I.  Oh, that would be very exciting!  I feel like going with them.  😀  My husband’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law are also planning to have a vacation and a tour in Asia in the next couple of months.  So wonderful!  Now I can say that I am so looking forward to our next long vacation.

Well, it was a wonderful celebration of the 4th of July as always.  We got to shoot fireworks in our area.  And I love it!  Yummy foods…colorful fireworks…great company.


11 thoughts on “Traveling And Vacation Plans Going On

  1. Great that you had a wonderful celebration during the 4th of July. Love the fireworks display during this occasion.

  2. ooh, i have been wanting to take a vacation but with all the finances around the house, i guess it would take a long time for us to go out of town.

  3. majority of oldies here in America get to stay in retirement homes for some apparent reason. I don’t think I will put my mom there, but it’s the trend here. I wonder when can we have a vacation so I am not planning anything in the near future 🙂

  4. I love traveling and I have been to Atlnata Georgia a few months back. Totally loved it there! I miss kare kare and I haven’t had one in a while. Retirement community is getting big nowadays as American’s don’t have the same upbringing as to how us Filipinos were brought up and accustomed to stand by each other.

    Is it just me or is it weird to have someone view your linkedin profile by the same guy a few times a week consistently for the past 2 mos.?

  5. What a fun way to end the day Sis 🙂 My husband will retire soon and plan to retire in the Philippines. It will make me happy if it happens but will see for now. He might change his mind as always lol

    1. Thanks sis! Hopefully, we can live in the Philippines when my hubby retires too. Lots of planning to do.

  6. It’s good you were able to catch up on each other. Talks are the best especially if you have some vacation planning to do. Good luck on your future travels! I hope to travel too, and I hope time and budget could permit me. Haha

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