Asian Festival In Dallas

It was a very pleasant weather today.  I went with my girl friends to the Asian Festival held in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  This is the 23rd year that the Asian Pacific Americans gather in a festival bigger than ever highlighting the Asian cultural performances, authentic Asian cuisine, and products.

My friend and her husband, who live just a mile from my house, picked me up 9:15 this morning.  We took the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train.  It was my very first time to be in Downtown Dallas and riding the DART train since I got here in Texas.

Me and a friend boarding the train heading to Dallas (DART).
Asian Festival 2013
Asian art products
Korean booth. Lots of food. 🙂
The Lotus Shop.
Lion Dance

One of the attractions in the festival was the Lion Dance.  I haven’t seen one until today.  It was pretty nice.

My lunch from the Korean Gourmet food truck. It was very spicy but it’s good…well because it has rice in it.
Sri Lanka Cultural Dance performer
Indonesia Cultural dancers
My friends and I ordered some Margaritas here at Rusty Taco.
The Grace Hula dancers (Polynesia).
The Maharlika Dancers performing a Philippine folk dance
Japanese cultural performance with the drums

I had a great time with the my friends at the festival.  The performances were beautiful.  It’s great to be out and about sometimes especially if you’re witnessing a very special event.

Because we had a DART all-day pass, we took the train again going home.  It was unusual to me how the train ride going home was backwards.  I was kinda feeling sick.  When I got home, I rubbed some Efficascent Oil on my tummy and I fell asleep immediately on the couch.

17 thoughts on “Asian Festival In Dallas

  1. I miss going to festivals. Festivals locally are often too crowded whilst festivals out of town are usually too far away. One day, I will make sure to attend at least one festival that is out of town. This looks so fun, not the kind of festivals here in the PH but still fun.

  2. Oh sis i can’t wait here too we have the festival on the weekend! I know you really had a great time. Seeing other pepz and great foods huh!

  3. You really had fun with your friends in the festival. I also want to experience such unique events where you will know the culture of other country.

  4. Oh how nice that Dallas has this Asian Festival. All Asians in there must be honored. My inlaws are living in there by the way but never had a chance come visit them.

  5. Wow ganda naman, wala nyan dito Mare hehehe. Psst malayo ba kayo sa San Antonio? We will be there on my 40th weee, sana kita kita tayo..

    1. Hi mare, six hours travel time from ours to San Antonio. Pero kita-kita tayo…when is your trip here? Let me know mare. 😀

  6. OH MY GEE! The grace huladancers are my cousin’s Aunt! actually, the leader or their teacher is the one 😉 yung Grace talaga ung name hehe

    1. Really? Wow! I liked their dance. The young ones joined them on the stage. 🙂

  7. This sure is a fun festival to witness. I love going to fairs like this. It will give you the experience of knowing other culture.

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