Visiting The Folks Without Hubby Because He Is At Work

Well because me and my family cannot come over to see the folks in Tyler on Easter Sunday, my husband let me and my daughter go to see them yesterday and spend the night.  My mother-in-law will be busy in the coming weeks before she and dad can visit us on April 2oth.

It’s my very first time driving to Tyler without my husband with us because it’s a weekday.  I thought it would be nice to let our darling daughter see her grandparents, cousins, and aunt because we already have an early commitment on Easter Sunday.

Driving yesterday was not bad.  The roads were not busy at 1:00 in the afternoon.  I thought I will be having trouble with the traffic.  The only thing that concerned me was my little girl’s demands.  She wanted me to sit beside her, give her a hug, and asking for a toy or book that she dropped and I cannot reach.  So I have to be in a very calm voice so she won’t feel like I am upset or something.  But in the middle of my driving 75 MPH, I had to stop and pull over on  the shoulder because I noticed the open doors warning.  And when I checked, it’s the door at the backseat passenger where my daughter sits.  Arg!  She can reach it already.  I also double checked the car seat making sure that it’s not wiggly.  I have to be very extra attentive.  Usually, my little girl sleeps when where on the road.  But when she knows that we are going to grandma and grandpa’s house, she won’t even take a short nap because she’s excited.

We will just take it easy today.  What’s important is that, my little girl and the grandparents will have a wonderful time together.

12 thoughts on “Visiting The Folks Without Hubby Because He Is At Work

  1. Most cars have a way to child-lock the back doors. Some have a manual switch hidden in the side of the door. Check it out.

  2. Glad you have family to visit, I would give anything to have more grand parents for my kids, they are so important. They have my mother and that is it.

  3. It is better to be sure then to be sorry. double check the things are secure before the visit…

  4. The door shoiuld have child saftey lock on inside of door. I have to use this feature

  5. It is nice that you had the opportunity to take your daughter to see her grandparents. It doesn’t sound like the drive was bad but you are wise to be extra attentive to your daughter since she can reach the door handle.

  6. Maybe you should see about getting a child safety lock on that door! When you are driving it is not always possible to pull over safely!!

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