Who’s Fault Was It?

I was very excited about the dinner at Red Lobster.  Why?  Because I have a coupon for $10 which made me very happy.  Red Lobster is one of my favorite seafood restaurant.  The menu looks very interesting.  Though seafood meals are a little bit pricey, they’re delicious!

But this evening was a disappointment.  We know that the restaurant is always full on weekends.  We tried our best to arrive early so we can get a table without waiting forever.  It didn’t happen.  We waited for almost an hour.  Then my husband approached the receptionist and asked if they skipped us.  The girl said no.  Did we miss the flashing lights of the waiting device?  Maybe so.  Because my husband put it in his pocket.  So the dinner date was ruined!  That’s it.

I did not argue and kept silent.  I did not drive the car because my bad mood will affect my driving.  And that’s for sure.  My husband drove us to the buffet restaurant in McKinney.  We are traveling with a toddler – our daughter.  Good thing she did not throw a fit while we were waiting at the Red Lobster.  At the buffet, we had dinner quietly.

Well, coupon wasted.  Time wasted as well.